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Mindful Planners

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I design planners and notebooks with a focus on integrating mindfulness into already busy lives. Then I turn those designs into lovely, handcrafted books that hopefully bring a little beauty and calm into your day.

Because I design and build all the books
myself, I have the luxury of making a
custom product that best suits you and your life.

Mindfulness Planners

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Strengths and Values Dashboards
A master list of your strengths and values can be a useful compass when reflecting on meaningful moments or when identifying how you've used your strengths.

Stress Management Dashboards

Stress has compounding and long term effects. Many of us don't even notice how much stress we are feeling until it reaches critical levels. The Stress Management Dashboard includes a page for logging your Stress Warning Signs and another for your Anti-Stress Toolkit.


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Begin each week with a reflection customized to your life and mindful planning prompts to help you start your week with balanced focus.

Simple and Flexible Task Management
Days are broken into AM and PM for broad task
planning. There is also a daily hydration log.

Quick Daily Reflection
Each day begins with a simple prompt to set a
mindful focus for the day. The day ends with a
prompt to identify "my meaningful moment" of
the day.

Weekly Mindful Planning and Reflection

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Each book is handmade using a lay-flat, library quality binding method. The pages are printed on premium 24lb paper.

Covers and end pages are made with a variety Nepalese Lokta, Indian Marbled Cotton Rag, and Japanese Chiyogami Yuzen Paper and Linen Book Cloth.

Book Construction

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